A domain name is your unique address on the Internet. Just as your street address defines where you live, your Internet address denotes where your online business is located. An example of a domain name is www.yourbusinessname.com, whereby "www" stands for World Wide Web, "yourbusinessname" is your business or brand, and ".com" means that you are a business registered under the commercial category.

The Common Category Extensions

  • .com = commercial, also as a general category. This is the most popular.
  • .net = networks, such as business intranets as well as extranets
  • .org = organizations, such as nonprofits and associations
  • .biz = businesses
  • .info = information
  • .mil = military
  • .gov = government
  • .us = businesses located in the United States
  • .mobi = mobile devices

Today there are many more domain extensions that can match your name with your industry.

Why do you need a Domain Name?

A domain name is a means of protecting your business entity and your brands and trademarks on the World Wide Web. If you want to do business on the Internet, you need a domain name and you need to develop a website.

Some years ago it wasn't very common that businesses had their own domains and websites. But as more businesses came online and began realizing the power that their personal websites provided them, the domain name market exploded. Today it is an absolute must for any business to, not only, be on the Internet but to have its own identity doing e-commerce and providing content, support and services through their websites. More and more businesses today are realizing the tremendous growth that their business can attain by having a distinct Internet presence for their existing and future customers.

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